The GST Bill charges a heavy 14% tax on sanitary napkins that are a basic necessity.

An NGO called SheSays started a campaign with the hashtag #LahuKaLagaan on Twitter and it has taken the Indian Twitterati by storm. But what is the rage about?

Did you know sanitary napkins in India were classified as a luxury item? Did you also know only 12% of the women in India can ‘afford’ sanitary pads? Did you know that most of the women in India use rags, ash, sand, newspapers, dried leaves and what not in those difficult days? Did you know 27% of the world’s total cervical cancer deaths occur in India? Did you know more than 23% girls drop out of school upon first achieving menarche or their first period?

Is that a new low India has reached?


If you’re reading this somewhere in the comfort of your home on your phone and scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed, stop for a second and think about your idea of luxury and the idea of luxury of nearly 80% of the women in India. For them, buying a sedan is not luxury, buying sanitary pads is. Is that a new low India has reached?

It’s not like women are not raped or groped enough already.


#LahuKaLagaan is an attempt of urging the Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley to abolish the taxes on sanitary napkins completely which is a whopping 14% under the Goods and Services Tax system in most states in India.

It’s not like women are not suppressed enough already. It’s not like women are not raped or groped enough already. Our lives are taxing enough already to have to pay a tax on something as basic as sanitary pads.

From attempting to abolish the tax on salt decades ago to this, has India really progressed?

Author: Zainab Haji


  1. We ladies even tend to work outside on those painful 5days, and we pay double tax both on sanitary napkins and on our salary…. It’s a scientific cause and happens naturally…. Why to pay tax for that???? Aren’t men privileged to lead forward there genes just bcoz we women bleed…

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