“He has been threatening to release some private pictures and videos of me to my friends, family and colleagues.” – Taruna Aswani

Cyber-bullying has and always will be a threatening social issue unless we try to curb it. And in order to stop it, we have to stand for each other and against the accused. Here’s how a brave girl did her best to stand up for herself and the society as a whole.

This October, U.S based Taruna Aswani received two emails in 24 hours from an unknown sender who emailed by the name ‘Kevin John’. This person claimed to have hacked her Google Cloud backup and had private pictures and videos of Taruna. In the emails, he threatened her to leak the images/videos to all her contacts (colleagues/friends/family/various social media). He went on to say that if she didn’t want that to happen, she should “excite” him by sending nude photographs of her.


However, instead of cowering to his requests, Taruna decided to stand up to this bully by going public. She wrote an all-revealing post on Facebook including screenshots of the said emails. Through this post, she appealed to the online community to help her track down the hacker.

  “As embarrassing as the videos may be, (they were sent to my boyfriend  at the time) I choose to stand up to this man instead of cowering down to his requests. I do this so that other women may take a lesson to stand up to bullies.” – Taruna Aswani

Taruna’s post became viral. It was redirected to the official account of Mumbai Police via a Twitter user and they replied asking her to file a complaint.

Social media users from all over the world have applauded her courage and her post has been flooded with positive comments. People have offered to help in any way they can and the internet unanimously has one thing to say to her, “Bravo”.

Read her post here: https://www.facebook.com/taruna.aswani.3/posts/10154725295395353

Author: Zainab Haji

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