2017 ICC Champions Trophy Reignites the feud between India and Pakistan.

The second most important One Day International tournament has now begun. The best cricket players of the top 8 teams are going to battle it out for the much coveted ICC Champions Trophy. Teams such as England, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, Pakistan and the current champions, India will play a series of ODIs from 1st June 2017 to 18th June 2017. All the teams are going to try their best to take the trophy back home. There is fierce competition amongst all 8 contenders. However, the rivalry between India and Pakistan remains unparalleled and cricket-lovers from both nations eagerly awaited the India Pakistan match of 4th June.

The reigning champions, India’s Men in Blue are in great shape. The captaincy of the charismatic Virat Kohli has proved to be extremely competent as Team India hasn’t lost a single ODI match in the last one year. They are moving forward with an aggressive do-or-die attitude and they will stop at nothing to make our country proud.

Team Pakistan, on the other hand, has shown only lacklustre performances in the world cricket of late.  They barely even qualified as the 8th team for the ICC Tournament of 2017. Though led by a new captain, Sarfraz Ahmed, Team Pakistan does have a few seasoned players like Shoaib Mallik who can flip the match around.

The Partition left lasting wounds on either side of the Radcliffe Line; wounds that still haven’t healed.


This sibling-like rivalry between India-Pakistan can be traced back to the Partition. The Radcliffe Line built a wall between the two new countries that didn’t even exist until 1947. Riots, violence and atrocities were committed on both sides of the border. Neighbours turned against neighbours and an atmosphere of distrust and hatred was developed. The friction between India and Pakistan resulted in wide-spread violence that took millions of lives and displaced millions more. The Partition left lasting wounds on either side of the Radcliffe Line- wounds that still haven’t healed.

It has been 70 long years since India and Pakistan were separated. It has been 7 decades since both countries became independent, self-governing nations. They have come a long way since then, although not without further conflict and 3 horrible wars.

India has become the secular democracy she always aspired to be. People of different religions, cultures and races have come to live together in peace and harmony on the Indian soil. Our great nation has always accepted settlers as if they were her own people and eventually, they have become a part of her rich heritage. India is a place where people belonging to various cultures can mingle with each other while still retaining their own cultural practices.

Despite all their differences, Indians and Pakistanis share a common love for the sport of cricket.


It’s no wonder that Indians are bursting with pride for their beloved motherland. This patriotism spills over during Indian cricket matches – especially the India-Pakistan cricket matches. The entire nation unites in anticipation. Every Indian is stuck to the television, awaiting the outcome with pounding hearts and bated breaths. People are praying for one more wicket of the other team to go down or one more boundary from Team India. The excitement is tangible in the air.

The situation in Pakistan is very much similar to the one in India. Tensions are running high on both sides of the border.  Despite all their differences, Indians and Pakistanis share a common love for the sport of cricket. This mutual love and passion never fails to bring them together in a display of intense sibling rivalry. Each team wants to be better than the other but at the same time, there is mutual respect between the players. With every match where Team India and Team Pakistan congratulate each other, the wounds left from the Partition heal a little further.


Author: Maitreyee Mhatre



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