“Ten year-old Purnima donated 10 inches of her hair and became the youngest donor at the camp, while 76 year-old Radhika was the oldest.”

In a culture where long hair symbolizes health and beauty, a group of artists from Kochi has given yet another meaning to those long locks, and that is empathy.

Artists of the Vanitha Kathakali Sangham, Thripunithura came together one Sunday to show their support for cancer patients. Friends and families of the artists had joined in, too. The camp was held in association with a Thrissur-based hair bank that collects hair for making wigs for cancer patients. It was conducted at the residence of the president of the Sangham, Smt. Pramila Vijayan.


“A total of 46 people donated their locks at this camp.”

A major adversity faced by most cancer patients is the shedding of their hair due to cancer treatment. This trauma can often become adverse. In such cases, wigs help the patients to overcome the stigma and psychological trauma  associated with it.

Realizing this, a total of 46 people donated their locks at this camp organized by the Sangham. 24 year-old Archana, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, also made a generous donation.

In a world where hardly a few of us have done anything for the society, these Kathakali artists from Kochi have made a new beginning. Such a thoughtful contribution makes the world proud.

Author: Zainab Haji