Applause broke out in court and throughout the nation as the Supreme Court gave its judgement but what are we happy about?

I heard the ‘verdict’ at home on television just like so many others might have. I watched how Indians across the nation were celebrating. I heard how my parents smiled and congratulated the judiciary and I couldn’t help but feel sorry. The fact that we are celebrating this ‘justice’ shows what standards India has reached. It shows what a low we have achieved.

So, the bastards who did the horrors to you on that cold December night are to be hanged to death. No no, not all! One of them got the opportunity to die on his own terms. After what he did to you, he conveniently killed himself while in prison. That’s it! No punishment. No justice. He escaped!

The other was a minor. That’s right! The one who did the most brutality against you was a minor. He was two months away from being legally of age. So, technically, he was still a child. A juvenile. He was old enough to inhumanly rape you but not old enough for the same kind of punishment. Do you know what he got? Merely 3 years of imprisonment and Rs. 10,000/- to start his life over. He was given money as punishment to what he did to you. What did you get?

If anything, it’s a shame!


The other four who gang raped you, inserted a rusted rod inside you and pulled out your intestines are given the death penalty. That’s all! Just death as punishment for what you went through. Their misery will end the second the hangman pulls the noose and their necks crack. In a second, they will have apparently received punishment and you, ‘justice’. And we, Indians are happy about this. We’re celebrating. If anything, it’s a shame!

We are congratulating the judiciary but why? What are we so happy about? Wasn’t this a ‘rarest of rare’ case? Didn’t the Nirbhaya Case enrage and withheld a nationwide uproar? Then how did it take us over 5 years to punish those inhuman bastards? Justice was delayed. Justice was denied!

It has been almost 5 years since your naked body was thrown on the road and almost run over by a bus. But what has changed? Have rapes in India stopped or at least punished severely? Has violence against women in India been eradicated? Has the narrow-mindedness and misogyny of our society changed even a little?

The hundreds of daughters whose FIRs aren’t even filed will still remain quiet and marital rape will still be laughed upon!


No! Because even today, their defence lawyers say that the rape victims orgasmed. They enjoyed it! They are lawyers. They are supposed to be educated. They are supposed to be literate. But they seem anything but that! They don’t understand how when a penis is forcibly inserted into a woman, it is their body’s involuntary response to lubricate itself. Is this rocket science? No, this is 8th grade Biology. But I guess, their misogynistic selves missed everything that was taught about women. Even if it physically ‘felt good’, she still didn’t ask for it. You didn’t ask for it. It is still rape. You were still raped.

And 5 years after today, she will still be raped and they will still say that she shouldn’t have been out late at night. They will still say her clothes were ‘inviting’. They will still say she enjoyed it. They will still blame her.

And you know what’s even worse? The fact that those who reach the court are only the top of the iceberg. The hundreds of daughters whose FIRs aren’t even filed will still remain quiet and marital rape will still be laughed upon!

And so, I’m sorry that we’re happy about this ‘justice’. I’m sorry that you, like me, were born into this unfortunate country. If reincarnation is really a thing, be born in some other country or some other time. Or even better, be born a boy so that you are given money by the government to rape and murder.

Sometimes I feel that the girls who are drowned in a tub of milk and killed upon birth are luckier than those like us who have to live and face them.


Another Nirbhaya!

Author: Zainab Haji


  1. Posts like these will come and go. Rapes like these will happen and go. But people will only prey to higher rank corrupted people for justice. It’s time to leave and be quite and rise like no one else had ever. Reach those top ranks be the one to give justice instead of hoping for justice.

  2. Shame!! Shame!! & Shame!!
    seriously girls shud not even born in India! js fr Once, let no girl take birth in India!! Bcz Indians will never get educated enough to respect girls and all this! Indian Men will alwys b Cheap! Only 1 out 100 wud b good, Only 1 out of 10!! #Shame

    1. Don’t you think you are generalizing it to a way broader extent. Ofcourse I do agree that ppl like this are a shame to our society and mankind. But really all Indian men’s are cheap?..Do you think the same for your Father? If there are bad people in this world there are good people too. Have faith in humanity and think of ways to solve this issue rather than blaming everyone else.
      PS – I have no intention of being disrespectful when i mentioned about father , it’s just I want you to rethink and reconsider the usage of words.

  3. It’s a shame to our society.To our so called laws.To our government.To us as humans😟😥😥.

  4. Such inhuman animals do not deserve a punishment as simple as death.They should be given such a suffering for entire life that no man in the country dares to do such act ever again.It is high time for the government and Law making commision to wake up and bring some serious strict law against rape.A man who can rape, cannot be considered as a minor.The definition of minor should not be applicable in rape cases.If a minor has raped a girl he no longer remains a minor cause he has already done something which adults do.

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