The mystery murder case that has shaken the entire country is anything but self-explanatory! Is this the future of our nation’s children? We hope not!

The murder of a 7-year old boy- Praduman Thakur- puts the officials, the administration of the school and the concept of student safety to shame. On September 8, a bus conductor was arrested for allegedly killing the boy inside a washroom of the Ryan International School’s Bhondsi branch in Gurugram. The case has been in the media spotlight as it keeps raising many questions at our child protection policy, the significance of the Pinto Family that runs the Ryan International Group and more.

For most of us who have been following the investigative process, truth seems to be entangled in a large web of complicated questions that remain unanswered. Here are 7 sensational revelations about the murder case of the innocent child which saddens and scares us at the same time:

1. The Postmortem report reveals an 18 cm long and 2 cm deep cut:

Praduman was found dead of a slit throat inside the washroom of his school. The post-mortem reports have revealed the severity of his injuries which he couldn’t have survived for more than 2 minutes. He sustained an 18 cm long and 2 cm deep cut from ear to neck, which cut through his ears and damaged his wind pipe.


2. The classmates have been marred by the murder of their friend:

Praduman’s best friend is so traumatised by the incident that he wishes to change school along with several others. Imagine the adversity of a 7-year-old child whose best friend is slayed, who is haunted by fear and loss at the same time! One of his classmates who saw the victim’s bag and bottle in blood has been scared ever since, too. The children have shunned the washroom but how will they ever put this murder past them?

3. Like Ryan International, most schools do not follow the child safety in school premises guidelines:

Transport services of many schools have glitches like conductors without licenses, no background checks and damaged buses. GPS and CCTV arrangement should be made compulsory in each school bus but hardly a few buses follow these guidelines.

4. The Pinto Family may have been transferring crores of rupees to hidden companies:

From a single private school in Mumbai to more than 135 schools all over India in the present day, the Ryan International group has been an example of commendable success. But, it is suspected that the group had been transferring money received as fees to hidden companies owned by the Pinto family. Maybe if the money was used for making the school crime-free, this day would not have come.


5. The father of the victim suggests foul play and evidence tampering done by the school:

The case is in the hands of CBI for now after the pleas of the grieving father of the deceased child. He had also written to the police to ask that the school remain closed till CBI overlooks the crime scene as he thinks the school has been tampering with evidence. He said that there might be other people involved along with the bus conductor in this heinous crime.

6. The Bus conductor who confessed earlier, now claims his innocence:

Amidst all that we don’t know about the truth behind this case, could we be pointing guns at the wrong person? The prime suspect Ashok Kumar has apparently said to the news reporters that he has not killed any child and that he was forced into a confession by the police force. Let’s see what is the verdict of CBI on this.

7. The accused allegedly murdered Praduman after sexual assault:

The accused in the murder, Ashok Kumar had confessed that he had tried to sexually assault the child even a day before he killed the boy. Ashok Kumar was seen entering the washroom before Praduman, in the CCTV footage and allegedly tried to get his way with him before losing his temper and gruesomely murdering the child.

The school reopened on Monday after 10 days of the incident and the attendance was very thin. Almost no lectures were held that day and now, the school is going to be shut till September 25th again. We don’t blame the parents who are concerned about the safety of their pupils at this time but such a shocking and brutal murder is bound to affect the academic progress of many children. Honestly, can we even grasp the severity of the situation anyway?

Is what we know the truth and if not, will Praduman ever be avenged?

Author: Harnoor Kaur


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