Devanshi Thakor

I love Paperless Postcards. They connect with and understand a girl’s thoughts. I think they represent a modern woman!

Rucha Kulkarni

It’s the best page I have ever known. I can relate so well to your posts.
You express every situation so well in just few words.
Your posts have always been inspiring.
You guys are doing a great job.
Keep going. Thanks a lot for your lovely posts.

Divya Vishwakarma

I love your posts so much! These things are what I’m going through in my life too. Thank you for being there always. Stay blessed and keep it up.

Aman Sharma

The best thing about you Paperless Postcards is that it’s a source
for people to express. Everyone can comment upon your posts or use
your post cards to express themselves whenever or wherever they want to.
This is the best one can do for others.
Keep the good work going Paperless Postcards!

Himanshi Karira

I absolutely love this page. They say a lot in such less words.
It’s not just a page it’s much more. And when you win they encourage
you by sending such beautiful merchandise.
Packet of candies on a sad day.! 💓
Much love to you.!
Keep the inspiration coming. 😊

Chestha Mishra

I go through all your posts… Even share on my instagram too..
Whenever I feel low or miss my dad I go through your posts..
can’t even explain in words

Thank you 😊

Kadambari Singh

 It made me realize how easily so much can be said in so few words.
Love life and works at their best. Love you guys!

Monika Adwani

Paperless Postcards (PP) pour warmth and aroma in words that reminiscents
the lost era of pigeon carried letters. PP brings that charm back in words!

Harsha Aswani

How so little can take up so much space in your heart and head
and yet remains inexpressible. But when expressed, you experience
that long-lost comfort in your pain..


Megha Saraswat

The storm of emotions running inside the captive body bound to
behave rationally in every situation is perfectly expressed by you guys!

Moreover the life lessons with just few words is phenomenal in its own sense 😇🤗
All the best for your website; and keep inspiring us