She nervously sat next to him. The clock ticking in the living room seemed unnaturally loud.

He sat there on the bed, brows furrowed and fingers typing furiously on the laptop.
Nervously, she looked at the noisy clock. It showed 2 a.m.
The minutes were ticking slowly. Too slowly to be normal. When would his work end? When would she finally get to be with him?
She sat up straight and lightly grazed his bare back. When he didn’t seem to mind, she went ahead to hug him.
But he moved her hands away.
She (to herself) – That was a long shot anyway.
And she went back to the grazing.
Softly, she tried to break the ice.
She – You know I’ve finally realized something.
He – Hmm?
She was way too surprised at having received a reply. Excitedly, she went on!
She – I didn’t realize I’m strong until…
He – Until?
She – I started saying ‘no’ without regretting it!
Stopping his work, he looked at her with an expression hard to read. It wasn’t love, anger, confusion or anything.
She shifted nervously under his gaze. He spoke moments later.
He – Saying ‘no’ to what?
She (nervously) – To the question ‘So, are you guys expecting and thinking of extending your family?’