Your love is a thin gauze that
serves as brief barrier between
me and myself;

a meagre protection against
all the harm, wounds and pain
I tend to inflict
over and over again
on the entire being of my self.

Your love is an alarm clock-
a gentle cacophony
that rings into my ears,
of reminders that remain
to preach kindness and love,
to ring my memory with the possibility
of the better and the joy;
a blessing that seeps into
the sandy shores of my cove.

Your love is a hymn,
a prayer,
a guiding light
that pushes me towards the dawn
beyond the deep darkness
and the relentless solitude
bestowed upon a mournful poet
on the lonely forsaken night.

Your love is the force behind
my excruciating existence;
a place of calm
among the horrors of the storm.
Your love is the lifeline that
pushes my annihilation to another day
every day.

Your love is the only thing I try not to destroy.

Author: Maitreyee Mhatre


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