I sat with my pen and paper.

Thoughts shrouding my mind 

I stared at the blank page

Putting it aside

I started typing on the word doc

The backspace spoke more

The blank page stared back at me

While I restricted my thoughts flow

Ranting through the sleepless nights

Insomniac and restless

My heart spoke a thousand words

My pen couldn’t express

I opened the page and stared at your name

Once again with longing

My hands swept across it before I smiled

Knowing exactly what I needed to do

Speaking my words, unsaid in silences was so my thing.


I send you the mail, and smiled at it.

You perhaps received it with a frowning face

A blank mail from the writer was so unexpected.

She who wrote pages of thoughts

In emails and letters,

Had perhaps lost her words?

Then you smiled at it, knowing my soul.

There was perhaps something more to it.

That’s when I discovered, you are my soul mate.

And you discovered the letters

Wrapped in White Font.

Fan Author: Saranya


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