Who wondered pain & pleasure could be synonymous one day

And come engrossed in the aura of a single soul

Girl, you are the most important being to yourself

Let go of the sea

It’s serene one second and engulfing in the next

Is it justified to harm ourselves in the tides,

Just for the waves to settle down one day?

No, your determination is not being recognized

No, your cries aren’t being heard!

Get up and brace yourself

For the battle is not over yet

You are the queen and it’s time to fight


You’ve got to save your world from falling apart

Pick that tiara up and wear it like never before

Hold your head high like you have been destined to do so

The shackles are made to be broken

Verdict has been finalized… The victory is “YOURS”

Don’t stop- because ‘the triumph’ is always just a step away!!

Author: Harsha Haryani

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