Thanks to you, I glow now, believe again and daydream more.

I feel your warmth pulse through my skin,
As it crawls over my frozen heart.
Each time I fall for you, I’m unafraid,
‘Cause I’d be drowning into something that is purely you.

Thanks to you I saw how truly complete I was before,
But I glow now, believe again and daydream more.
Lost in your eyes, every moment is the happiest I’ll ever be,
I combust just knowing that you see me the way you do and everything
I’ll never know.

Among the things I’ve desired and those I have,
Your name stands out effortlessly, imprinted on my heart.
Not considering the infectious smiles, addicting hugs and melting words
of comfort,
I can never understand why I dreamt of you, longed to find someone I
never knew

But as thunderclap shattered me awake, I understood why; I understood
because the dream never did come true.

Author: Alisha Jamshed Syed


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