Your life has not ended. It has only begun!

Does it feel like everything’s changing and you don’t have enough control? Does it feel like everybody is all set with their notepads, ready to lash out, judge you and mark you for your every move? Does it feel like there is a certain burden on your shoulder that you cannot just shrug off or ask mom to solve it for you? Does it feel like you’re going to be chained now?

Well, that’s just the anxiety talking!

So your wedding ended and it was a big hullabaloo. Everybody ate, drank and danced! But what next? They told you what to do when you’re on stage. They told you how to smile and how to dress. They told you how to behave when the guests come over. But what after that? Did they tell you what to do the next morning? Did they tell you how to behave in front of his parents? It’s pretty much you by yourself!

You can create an entirely new life.


And it couldn’t be more exciting. You have the power to shape an entire household. You have the liberty to shape your children (if you decide to have any…no pressure!). You can create an entirely new life. And for the best part, you get to live with your lover for the rest of your life! If this amount of excitement is at stake, getting cold-feet seems rather normal, doesn’t it?

So, if there’s anything that’s for sure, it is the fact that your entire life is going to change. But who said that’s a bad thing.

Don’t let anything or anyone sway you from the path you’ve chosen.


But dear newlywed, here’s my advice to you. Amidst this rush and ever-changing situation, do not forget who you are and what you stand for. So, your in-laws don’t like olives but that doesn’t mean you have to not like them too! You’ve lived your entire life to build who you are as a person and no matter how much you change, let nothing affect your morals. And foremost, you have spent your entire life building your career. So have your parents! Was it all for nothing? Don’t let anything or anyone sway you from the path you’ve chosen.

I know it sounds like a lot right now but it’s all for good. In the end, when all the puzzle pieces fit in together, the picture that will form, you will want to frame and cherish for the rest of your life.

I wish you all the happiness in the world.


A well-wisher!

Author: Zainab Haji

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