The number of our age didn’t match, but the age of our souls did.

To say that I was always into older men would be a lie. But the fondness that I’ve developed for them in the recent past surely adds up to me having a much older boyfriend. Let me put it this way, I like my men just as I like my wine – potent and seasoned with age.

Don’t get me wrong here, dating an older guy does not mean that there are no fights at all. Yes, we do have our fair share of arguments just like any other couple. But because he’s older than me, he understands things even better and doesn’t hold my inconsiderateness (if any) against me. That’s what I like about our relationship the best. He’s mature enough to accept my shortcomings and work things out. We don’t lash out at each other on social media or vent to our best friends.

Having said that, we have our fair share of fun too, if you know what I mean. And for all the other smart ones out there, no, I am not dating him for his money and because he buys me gifts. Yes, it’s definitely a perk, I won’t deny that, but there’s more to our relationship than just materialistic things. He’s my lover and not my sugar daddy.

 I was an opportunistic millennial and he, a complete 90s kid.


If you’re wondering how it all happened, allow me to walk you through how I fulfilled my kinky fantasy  of dating an older guy.

Having just gotten done with my first year of college, I had a whole lot of nothing to do during my summer vacations and so I thought, an internship seemed like a good idea. Well, bless my stars because that’s where we met.

He was my senior and on the very first day, there was an undeniable spark that ignited between us. He knew for a fact that I was much younger than him and so didn’t make a move, because hello! How shameful and inappropriate would the society deem it to be! And of course, the company laws forbid it.


The duration of my internship was around three months and I figured that that was a decent amount of time for him to friendzone me, if nothing. I also told myself, why would an older guy want to be with someone much younger than him? For crying out loud we were quite literally from different generations. I was an opportunistic millennial and he, a complete 90’s kid.

 I haven’t felt closer to any guy my age, as much as I feel close to him.


Towards the end of my term, me and him, we started hanging out. We went for movies (Did I mention he is a huge Ninja Turtles fan?), attended gigs together and went out for pizza! What more could a girl ask for? We became good friends. The more I hung out with him, my attraction for him grew even stronger. I know he was enjoying my company too, because he’d find the smallest of reasons to talk to me or meet me. Watch out boys, we girls have a radar for such things!

He was the perfect combination of boyish charms and manly embraces.

It was my last day and I was completely gutted. I wouldn’t be seeing him every day, I thought to myself as I was clearing out. That’s when I got an email pop up, and in it was an attachment from him. It was a farewell card he’d designed as he’s a graphic designer. It read – “Let’s go out for some pizza tonight, it’s a date!”

That’s how we got together.

Yes, our ages when put together form a strange equation, but the solution, our relationship is the perfect answer. And yes, I don’t have an average ‘Let’s go on a Starbucks date and take Instagram-worthy pictures with each other’ kind of relationship like most girls my age. But honestly, I have zero complaints.

Although he’s old, I haven’t felt closer to any guy my age, as much as I feel close to him when it comes to our understanding towards each other. I guess that’s where the magic lies.

Yours unabashedly,

A girl who’s in love with an old soul.

P.s – Oh! And did I mention? The sex is so damn good.

Author: Amani Nilesh Nagda

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