Gone are the days when women’s sexuality was considered a shameful secret.

While growing up, I was told that sex was something to be done strictly after getting married and until then I was supposed to protect my virginity as if it was some sort of a royal treasure. Everywhere I turned, sex was a taboo to never be discussed or the adults around would give me a look that would leave me embarrassed to the core. Even masturbation was frowned upon, especially for women. My body was considered to be a holy temple over which I had absolutely no right.

Even in my friend circle, the situation wasn’t any better. Sex was discussed in hushed tones and all of us pretended to not have any knowledge or curiosity about it. Expressing our curiosity would just mean that you weren’t a good influence. Till about the time I turned eighteen, most of my peers didn’t even admit to masturbating. I can still remember their shocked expressions and reactions when I admitted to touching myself. It was almost as bad as the time when I told them that I actually had sex and even enjoyed it!

Sexual satisfaction is my right and I demand it.


Boys will be boys, is what we are told. They have certain “needs” that they must fulfill to remain sane. Every single one of those “needs” turned out to be sexual in nature (no wonder). But apparently girls did not have any of those “needs”. And if by chance some girl displayed signs of having a sexuality, well, it was to be squashed and repressed. What a load of absolute crap!

I am a woman and I have needs that are very much sexual in nature. I get horny and I want to do something about that arousal. I’m not going to be sitting around waiting for it to go away. Why should I? You are not supposed to let good things get away. Sexual arousal is one of the best things ever. The only thing better than arousal is an orgasm. Yes, I do get orgasms. At times, if I’m lucky, even multiple ones. One thing those romance novels don’t lie about is how earth-shattering and amazing orgasms are. I love them! And I mostly definitely deserve them. Sexual satisfaction is my right and I demand it.

Sex can be amazing for women and you should definitely try it!


Did it hurt? Yeah, it did hurt a little for a bit during my first time but then it got so good that all the shame that I had been conditioned to feel throughout my life just disappeared. Something that feels so good and free is definitely not something bad. The society just wants to control us by calling sex a sin. Sexuality can be a freeing thing and patriarchy obviously doesn’t want to let go of its hold on women. ‘Women can never enjoy sex’ is basically one of the biggest lies fed to us by the society.

Sex can be amazing for women and you should definitely try it! With the right partner who knows his/her way around a woman’s body, you can definitely enjoy sexual intercourse and even foreplay! And whoever gave every other person on the earth the permission to tell you that you have no right to enjoy sex?

Your body belongs to you. Your sexuality belongs to you. It is up to you to decide what you want to do with it. It’s wrong on so many levels that the society gets a say about whether you should have sex or not but you don’t.

So, go ahead and have sex! I hope you enjoy it and have orgasms that blow your mind. (Just make sure you use protection).

A woman who really enjoys sex.

Author: Maitreyee Mhatre



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