And being a young adult, is much more difficult than I thought!

“Do this! No, don’t do that!”

“You’re still a kid! What do you know?”

“Look at you! You’ve crossed your teens and still behave like a child.”

The contradictory life of a young adult, is just hilarious sometimes, right? The problem of deciding whether you’re all grown up, or not, is just the tip of the iceberg. And if that wasn’t enough, the world itself would transform into a form of the legendary Hogwarts’ stairs and laugh as it watched you trip and fall.

Furthermore, it’s not even like you can rely on your friends for some help. Because,

1. Apparently, that’s some form of ‘peer pressure’ according to your friendly, neighbourhood aunty.

2. They’re all either struggling to wake up before 10am, begging for their grades to magically shoot up, passed out on cheap alcohol, or dreaming about the day their office crush would finally notice them.

I don’t understand, how we are supposed to help the nation prosper, when often, we don’t even know where the other pair of the sock is.

I was very happy, living in the ‘non-real world’; why did I have to grow up?

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The other life-changing event of this part of adulthood, is ‘life after college’, aka, ‘life in the real world’. I was very happy, living in the ‘non-real world’; why did I have to grow up? Sure, from birth to death, everything is a constant learning process. But here I am, stuck in a video game, with no rules, unknown players and no idea what to do next.

I think, maybe I’m being overly melodramatic about this, because I’m forced to face challenges of being a kid-woman (mentally, kid; physically, woman) all alone and far from home. But if I hadn’t left the nest, it could have been a bit difficult for me to learn how to overcome difficulties independently. Even though things seem confusing, and frustrating, at least I’m growing up, right?

I’ve already had three mid-life crises in the whole twenty years of existence.

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People call post-teens, the beauty of life, the door to living to the fullest; I call it the ‘Different phases of being drunk’ phase. Why not? First, you’re all geared up to jump into being a ‘real woman’ (or man). Then, by the time you’ve had a taste of the chaos teenage hormones can bring, it’s way too late. And since it is already too late, why not repeat the same mistakes all over again? You sing and dance with two faced people, but soon realise that it’s the true friends, who’ve been picking behind you all this while. You cry for things which are not important and forget those which are. You meet new people, but have no clue what you’re doing with them. By the time you get off the high and realise how messed up your life is, you’ve already missed the train that would’ve given you new opportunities to grow and work with. And since you’ve already missed the train, why not start the same cycle once again? The fact of the matter is, people our age are programmed this way. Period.

It’s a bit funny that at the age where I should be making important life decisions, I’m stuck on deciding what kind of pizza to order for dinner. They say, problems and responsibilities increase as we grow older. But I’m not sure how far they can increase from this. I’ve already had three mid-life crises in the whole twenty years of my existence. For the lost and confused souls like mine, all I can say is, you will eventually get better at ‘adulting’. And even if you don’t, don’t worry! Nobody is!

Waiting for a manual on life to fall from the sky,

One of the Millennial Generation.

Author: Alisha Jamshed Syed

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