Although cats are really amazing, superstitions are really not.

For those of you who get the fact that this open letter is not just about me fangirling about pretty black cats, congratulations, you’ve proved yourself to be smarter than millions of human beings.

Now, for those readers who are still wondering why I haven’t bombarded you with cute, feline pictures have a rude awakening coming up.

How many of us sportsmen wear the same socks to all of our important matches or races?

How many of you take a different route if a black cat crosses your way?

Is cutting nails after sunset prohibited in your household too?

Then, you, my dears, are patients of the Superstition Disease.

Physical or mental behaviour which doesn’t seem to have logical reasoning seems like a disorder.

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Now, I’m not a certified doctor. But physical or mental behaviour which doesn’t seem to have logical reasoning seems like a disorder.

Then again, beliefs work on an entirely different level. If you believe that wearing the same socks for a game or an interview is guaranteed victory, I’ve got zero problems with that. It’s your personal thing and isn’t harming anyone else, so who am I to judge? Similarly, if you get spiritual satisfaction by lighting a candle or repeating a few verses, that’s totally okay.

But taking another route just because you happen to come across an innocent animal is just not sensible. I know it doesn’t exactly harm anyone else besides making you late at places you wanted to be and probably cancelling out any chances you have at a promotion… But, like I said, who am I to judge, right?

What I don’t agree with is blaming a poor animal for things he or she cannot control. I’m aware of the theory which says that cats are a lot smarter than they show and we humans were meant to serve beneath their feet (sort of what our ancient Egyptians were doing), but if that had even one ounce of reality, it wouldn’t be a theory anymore.

In a country like ours, we have superstitions related to every other word in the dictionary.

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But, why am I even diverting from the topic so much? This isn’t even about cats really! What about thousands of animals who are slaughtered or tortured worldwide due to human beliefs? And now if you compare that with food habits of non-vegetarians, I can’t even help you there *throws hands in the air*.

Superstitions aren’t really limited to animals you see. Especially in a country like ours, we have superstitions related to every other word in the dictionary; which is a lot in case you didn’t already know.

We make people get married to trees here, force a certain kind of life on them just because it was written in their stars. Pass anything in the name of ‘belief’. When will we see that there’s a line between beliefs and superstitions? Crossing that line results in lives changed for the worse, sometimes even lost.

And if someone reading this thinks that being superstitious never really killed anyone, all I have to say that it murdered your sense of reasoning; the one thing that differentiates humans from other beings. Your lifestyle is making your mind rigid, unable to change, accept or evolve. And if you can’t accept change in this world which is evolving each second, you’re as good as dead.

Hope you enjoyed the rant; until next time,
Someone who isn’t afraid of a pretty, black cat.

Author: Alisha Jamshed Syed

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