All I know for now is that you betrayed me!

So we meet again! I didn’t think there were any more pieces of you left to be broken tinier still. Yet, here we are. You betrayed me again. And for whom? That guy who promised you the moon and stars and everything bright. Except, he ended up sucking the light out of our lives leaving us in a tunnel that couldn’t have been any darker.

Why did you convince me this boy was the guy?


I have to know, why do you do this to me? What is it that I ever did to you that you’re taking such revenge? Why do you attach yourself so strongly to anyone who gives you even a shred of happiness and love? It’s not like I ever deprived you. Then why did you convince me this boy was the guy?

This has got to end! You cannot start planning your future life with every guy who looks at you and smiles politely. For an organ with no eyes, you sure believe way too strongly in love at first sight!

We both know this is temporary.


So it’s pretty natural that you break into tinier pieces every other month. This is just one of those times. No matter how dramatically you stand in the shower for hours, letting the water ruin your mascara, we both know this is temporary. Tomorrow, you will walk on the street again and ‘fall in love’ with a cute stranger again.

And so, dear temporarily broken heart, you will get fixed again. And next time, maybe have some pity on me and try not to fall for cute smiles, dimples, ruffled hair and sweatpants!


The human for whom you beat!

Author: Zainab Haji

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