Everyone has gone through what you are going right now. So, don’t say no one understands!

You, like me and so many others are in your teens. A weird stage in life! Our bodies are developing, our personalities are building and we don’t really know who we are. But that’s okay! It’s all supposed to work that way.

We are self-conscious and judgmental of ourselves and others but that’s not who we are and definitely not who we want to be. We need to get past this.

We live on our phones, hardly looking up. But look around! The world is indeed beautiful. Make random friends and get to know their culture.

Dear teenagers - paperless postcards

At this stage in life, we need gratification and we seek it in social media. The more the number of likes on our picture, the better looking we are. The shorter the clothes, the cooler we are. We judge others and talk about them. But know one thing, this stage will not last but our words on someone’s life might!

All of us have our flaws and yet we are beautiful in our own way.

We don’t need alcohol, drugs and cigarettes to fit in. What’s the point of damaging your beautifully created body for a few seconds of appraisal?

Party! Party like you’ll never party again. Dance like no one’s watching because these are our years of being carefree. But carefree and reckless aren’t synonyms. Learn self-defense, drink plenty of water and eat healthy (with a few cheat days sometimes).


Hookups have become a casual thing these days. Getting together with random strangers at parties and concerts! Why? To find love? Instead find love within yourself, your friends and family.

Make friends that you can not only party with but also go out for brunches and dinners! Make friends who you can count on in times of need. Make friends who motivate you and inspire you to become a better person.

Because these days in our lives are limited, then why ruin their memory?



A Fellow Teenager!

Author: Zainab Haji

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