It’s been around two months since I started admiring you.

I first saw you in the college cafeteria sipping lime soda. The sourness of lime creased your cheeks and your eyelashes gently stroked your cheeks. Your expression set a lot of fluttering butterflies in my stomach.

Since then, I started visiting the cafeteria quite often just to catch a glimpse of you. You had a square face, slightly curved towards the chin and your nose looked like a triangle slightly bulged at the middle. The most striking feature of your face was your eyes which resembled grapes on vanilla custard. I often saw you in the college campus.

You were quite a crowd puller and mine was a face often lost in the crowd.


I didn’t know your name and I didn’t try to find out. If your name was to be inked in my memory, it would soon fade. But your face I’ll never forget. You were a mystery that I did not intend to solve. There is a different kind of joy associated with the unachievable.

They say love either heals or hurts.

pexels-photo-236287 (2).jpeg

They say love either heals or hurts. But my love for you did neither to me. It would send tiny currents of joy which would strike all the cells of my body in rhythmic motion.

In the course of time, this feeling won’t diminish but will become a tiny bubble of memory safely guarded in my subconscious.


Your secret admirer.

Fan Author: Aparna Prabhu

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