Your defined standards of beauty are old-school!

We pluck, wax, shave, straighten, curl and dye. We run, squat and sweat. We spend hours in front of the mirror, judging, hating and wishing; wishing that our stomach would be a little flatter, our arms a little more toned, our legs a little longer. Why do we spend hours worrying about that little pimple on our forehead or how our eyebrows aren’t aligned?

Because you have laid down the ‘rules of beauty’!


But beauty is not what is displayed on the front page of glossy magazines. Beauty isn’t about carefully edited pictures and hours and millions spent on makeup. Beauty lives within each of us when we strip off the layers of doubt and shame!

Dear society, you are a hypocrite. You want us to look slim but call us anorexic when we do. You want us to be smart but call us a nerd and a ‘know-it-all’ when we’re learned. You want us to earn but you call us proud and overconfident when we do. Because of you, we aren’t beautiful in our own eyes. But what is beauty?

Beauty is in compassion, not the size of your waist.


Beauty is in honesty, not false smiles. Beauty is in integrity, not the price tags on your clothes. Beauty is in confidence, not figures. Beauty is in compassion, not the size of your waist. Beauty is in your heart, not body.

So society, you lose. The rebel that I am, I managed to get out from under your thumb and shine brighter than ever. One by one, others will follow me and you will have no one to rule over. We will meet that day and I shall have a good laugh!


A Beautiful Soul.

Author: Zainab Haji


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