Are we so petty that this is such a huge deal?

Here I am, standing at the counter of the general store with a packet of my girlfriend’s desired sanitary pads and I notice people staring. And this isn’t the first time they’re staring. They always stare!

It’s World Menstrual Hygiene Month and it is 2017! They say we have progressed. They say we have developed. We are proud about the fact that women are becoming CEOs of huge Multinationals. We boast about how our women are ‘allowed’ to study and become more than a housewife. We proudly say that we don’t care about the virginity of our wives and girlfriends. So this is development, right? Wrong! I say we are still in the ancient ages where buying such a basic necessity for someone you love is a taboo.

I can only laugh at our stupidity.


We are men and so you can count on us to bear any kind of pain. Because men can’t feel pain, right? Pain is for the weak. But have you wondered what it would feel like to bleed from between your legs every day for 7 days straight every month for your entire life? Can you imagine the kind of pain that comes along with it? Do we, men, really think our bodies can even come close to this? Are we really that silly? And we say the worst kind of pain is getting hit in the nuts? I can only laugh at our stupidity.

In our society, do we judge a woman’s sexuality if she is seen in public with a shaving kit? Did the society judge your mother when she bought you your underwear when you were young? Does the society question your manhood when you go shopping with your wife? No, because these activities don’t move mountains of doubt, abilities, inabilities and sexualities. Then when I’m just grabbing a packet of sanitary wear for my mother, sister, wife or girlfriend, why do we lash out our misogynistic whip and play our ‘I am a man. I have a penis. I am the better gender’ card and deny helping her out. Are we really this petty?

Will you still stand and stare?

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It’s 2017 and we are scared to even say the tainted word out loud. “Shhh! Don’t say it. Someone might hear you.” It’s 2017 and I am confident about my sexuality enough to say that talking about ‘periods’ is not a taboo. It’s not something that should be silenced. It’s a bodily process that half the human breed involuntarily goes through.

So when I’m at the store with a packet of pads or tampons in hand and the shopkeeper offers to wrap it in the clichéd black plastic bag, I will say no. What will you do? Will you still stand and stare? Will you still whisper things into your friend’s ear and slyly point towards me? Will you still live like they did in the ancient ages? Will you not celebrate the only blood without violence?



A man, indeed!

Author: Zainab Haji


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