At times, I’m fascinating to you but mostly an object of pity. 

Not just that, you pity my parents because obviously, I’m not listening to them. I’m not acting as subtle and meek as you would like me to. I’m not waiting till marriage to be able to apply lipstick (why do we have to wait until marriage to do what we want, anyway?). I’m exploiting what nature gave me when I should just sit at home and apply good old corn flour and honey on my skin if I feel the need to look nice. God forbid I use a concealer! And what’s that? A bright red lipstick in the middle of your holy morning? How did your expectations hold themselves together when I put on makeup again today?

Yes, I have a problem with you. You belittle girls regarding the use of makeup. Moreover, you are completely against men trying to accentuate their features with makeup too! A natural appearance may be preferred by some while cosmetics might not suit others but who are you to decide what’s best for an individual? That is not a sound basis to go overboard and insult anyone on their use of makeup. Moreover, calling them fake for it? Wow, I’m so disappointed in you.

Oh! Forgive me if I look like a man-repeller with my make-up!


I’m done making statements. This is not me trying to say that I am an independent girl (obviously, I am). This is not me trying to make a point about feminism (by the way, wearing makeup doesn’t make anyone any less of a feminist, just saying). This is not me trying to act like a rebel, this is me enjoying the skin I’m in. Why do you look at me with  a ‘ Good luck finding a man who loves you for being fake, girl?’ expression all the time.

I put on makeup for myself, to appeal to myself and if a man feels violated by that, what can I do? It’s his fault, and yours because you have made me the girl who gets identified only by her makeup. That’s all I am to you. When your kids have to perform at their annual school functions, that’s the only time I’m profitable to you.

The efforts I put into my makeup are a love letter to my individuality.


My worth as a human being should not depend upon I whether curl my lashes or not. The efforts I put into my makeup are a love letter to my individuality. And this relationship may manifest itself in plenty more ways. Just because mine is different from yours, doesn’t mean I deserve the tag of being fake!

So, the reason I wear makeup is that I am inspired by my beauty and I’m comfortable to present my skin with different colours. I feel like my body is a canvas and I’m just making art! Whether I put on lipstick or a bindi, it’s still art. No, I’m not an attention seeker. I’m an adult who is fed up of the misogyny that manifests over the trivial topics!

Makeup helps me transform into another version of myself, and I absolutely love that. And just because I wear makeup, my struggles don’t get eliminated. I’m as oppressed as the next-door girl is, and I do not have to look devastated and cry all the time to be able to voice the problems I face as a woman. Let’s live and let live, and remember to remove makeup before we go to sleep.

Much sass,

The girl with the brightest lipstick.

Author: Harnoor Kaur

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