Don’t think I haven’t noticed your smirks and the way you whisper into your neighbor’s ear every time I walk by!

Our society shapes us since birth. As soon as we take our first few steps, it teaches us the appropriate way to walk – legs crossing over and hips swaying for girls and a manlier, spread-out stride for boys. The minute we speak our first words, society teaches us the ‘accepted’ way of talking – softly and politely for girls, arrogantly for boys. That’s just how it has always been no matter how much you try to convince me (or yourself) otherwise.

I’m not just saying this at random.


And so, there is another beautiful rule or order that has been laid down by our so-called society – girls who have the time to put on a full face of makeup, never have the time to open a book and read! And I’m not just saying this at random. I have seen the murmurs and giggles of other girls in college premises when a girl decides to put on a shade of lipstick slightly darker than usual. I have seen how the ‘men’ in the office validate a girl’s promotion by saying, “She must’ve slept with the boss” just because she takes the effort of putting on false eyelashes! I know how people turn twice on the streets to look at me because of my distinct eyeliner. Why?

Those people make a snap judgment!


Because in that one second of their giggles, murmurs and whispers, those people make a snap judgment! They decide impromptu that if I have a face full of makeup, I probably fail my examinations. They pass their verdict that if I have dark lipstick on, there’s no chance I would have gotten promoted on the basis of my talent. They assume that if I love makeup, I lack intelligence!

So, I don’t even know what to say as closing. If you cannot see the stereotyping until now, I don’t think you ever will and so, no amount of conclusions from my end will make you stop making that snap judgment that if I love makeup, I lack intelligence!



Someone Who Loves Makeup!

Author: Zainab Haji


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