I never thought I’d be ready to face you.

It is commonly said, ‘There is No End with a Friend.’ Our friendship has been damaged and I know it cannot be fixed this time. It is not like I don’t know what to do. I’m well aware of the current scenario and know what is to be done except I lack the courage to do so. Enough with the riddles, I’ll try not to beat around the bush and will be more direct this time. The person I have spent almost half my life with is someone I’m about to say goodbye to and it is for the best.

Like most friendships, ours began in school. Being the perfect team we were, we accomplished our goals and crossed milestones together. Right from the first dance competition we participated in to the three-legged race where we toppled over each other, we’ve made beautiful memories. With time, our lives transformed. Although we shared a few similarities, we were unique and had our own dreams and plans. We followed the paths we chose for ourselves with the hope of staying together like we always had. However, life had other things in store for us.

A mild wind blew and like a house of cards we crumbled to the ground.

We made promises we thought we would be able to uphold. Only time could tell what lay ahead of us. With great confidence in the friendship we shared, we went our separate paths and were in constant contact with each other. Being each other’s survival kits, there was no way we could go through a day without communicating. Slowly, space and time took a toll on the friendship we shared. The time we invested gradually began to decrease until there were hardly any sleepovers or even general conversations between us.

I think that is where it all began. We were so busy with our lives that we didn’t spare time for the other person. We thought we were the type of friends who didn’t require staying in touch all the time and would still be friends. One fine day, we met different individuals and almost forgot about each other’s existence. A mild wind blew and like a house of cards we crumbled to the ground. We thought we could survive the distance and that we were too close to be separated. Had we not taken each other for granted, this situation wouldn’t have risen in the first place.

The memories we’ve made will last forever, I don’t need to make any more

A Blame Game is always part of the entire conflict process. Each held the other accountable for causing a rift. At one point, things began to get ugly and we realized we were only harming each other. We tried to make amends but all our attempts to work things out failed. I think it’s time I address that failure. We’ve both made our fair share of mistakes and blaming each other holds no sense.

The memories we’ve made will last forever, I don’t need to make any more. The exchanges we have these days are so bitter I’m afraid they will leave a bad impact on the memories we’ve made. It is absolutely nonsensical to hold onto something that doesn’t even exist in the first place. I understand what needs to be done and since one of us needs to take an initiative for the same, I will.

With a heavy heart, I know it’s time to end what we have because what lies ahead of us is misery. Knowing that we have too much to handle already, it’s time I face this situation before it gets the better of me. Breaking a friendship is not an easy task but in this case there exists none.

Finally beginning to face my fears,

Someone who is not afraid to let go.

Author: Joanne Baptista