You’ve stayed with me during nights when I was extra poetic because I was in pain!

Coming to college, a long way from home was scary and nerve-wrecking. All my aunts told me about the horrors of having a college roommate and how messy everything can be without parents. Especially, when you don’t know how to cook or pay bills. I never thought I’d be able to survive without mom’s food for a single day.

You made everything so much easier. There were times when I woke you up at 2 am because I was hungry. One look at my face and you instantly knew what I wanted. With you, I realised that sometimes Maggi at 2 am is better than mom’s food.

You’re one savior I have. You exactly know what to say when my parents visit our place and when to leave whenever a ‘special friend’ arrived.

We have shared so much more than just a room together.


I’ll remember the nights we danced barefoot in the living room then lay on the floor talking about our goals and sharing uncanny experiences. You would listen to my weird nightmares without judging me. Whenever we’d come home disappointed from work, these talks always helped. This is something I would truly cherish. We have shared so much more than just a room together.

Thank you for being a total entertainer on the bad days and binge watching Netflix with me while I obsessed over the fictional characters. You have listened to me say – I want a relationship like ‘Hannah and Clay’s’ over a million times without getting annoyed. Sometimes I wonder, ‘how do you even do that?’

Thanks for being there for me when I hit rock bottom. Every student knows there is that point in the semester where you just cannot take it anymore. Thank you for reminding me every night that it  is okay to cry and to just pick up my pieces and tackle life with everything I have.

We’ve had so many firsts together that it’s almost impossible for me to do something new without you!

From bunking class for the first time to my first break up, you’ve been my favorite partner in crime. You have always been there for the shenanigans. I’m so used to your presence that I find it weird to go back to an empty room. We’ve had so many firsts together that it’s almost impossible for me to do something new without you.

No matter how many boys come into my life, you will always be my knight in the shining armor. You are that missing piece of my puzzle. You always knew what I wanted even before I realized it myself. I vividly remember being depressed the day I got a D grade in one of my semesters and rather than talking to me, you challenged me to finish a stage of our favourite video game. You got me an ice cream tub while I was crying over a movie scene. Your sass and sometimes even nagging has made our friendship stronger!

Living with you was one of the best parts about college life and sometimes the only thing that got me through bad days.

Now, as I’m leaving for summer vacations, it will be weird going home knowing I wouldn’t get to see you that often. But, I promise to make up for it when I’m back.

We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.


Your roomie!

Author: Simran Brijwani

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