I swear if anyone heard you, they’d think you had some sort of bipolar or multiple personality disorder!

So why is it that I’m writing this to you today? Last night, I took the rare privilege of handling the Aux cable in the car on the long drive with my friends. It was all fun and games as long as I played the first five clichéd songs.  You know the type – slightly party-ish remixes of old songs with an EDM drop and a randomly forced rap. The crowd of five went wild! They manically swayed their heads, screamed till their voices were hoarse, did signature moves related to the song in the packed space and took videos to upload on social media! At that moment, I totally considered being a DJ for a living.

I was desperate.


But just 30 seconds before the last of the clichéd songs ended, I had run out. I frantically scrolled through you, looking for a song. Any song. I was desperate. I now only had extremely depressing love songs that made me miss the ex I never had or weird old pop songs that no one remembers being composed. And then I had no time left. The auto-play mode suddenly blared one of those songs that are secretly my favourite but society has royally rejected and frowned upon. You know the kind! And my friends all stopped their videos and dance routines to look at me with those judgmental eyes. I had never been so ashamed.

So, in the truest sense, you understand my mood swings better than anyone else.


So here we are. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling you names. I’m not even going to cheat on you with another playlist. For I know how much you’ve done for me. All the times I wanted to avoid human contact in public, got bored at parties, traveled literally anywhere and spent hours in the shower, you’ve come to my rescue and I will forever be grateful. So, in the truest sense, you understand my mood swings better than anyone else.

But I’ve learned one thing and that is to NEVER EVER take control of the Aux cable or the car stereo system or even the radio for that matter!


The human you serve!

Author: Zainab Haji

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