I know how much courage you’ve shown just by accepting to read this letter.

No this letter isn’t just one of the other open letters that tell you to be strong and that good things will come. This letter is from somebody who has been in your place. Somebody who has felt what you’re feeling. Somebody who really did get out of it!

Firstly, if you’re reading this but haven’t actually experienced depression, let me give you a little gist. The term depression has often been used lightly and as a synonym to sadness. But it isn’t just that! It is so much more. It is a feeling of being squeezed under the immense pressure of sadness and all things dark. It is the thought that everything is wrong in life and it will always remain this way. It is a feeling of everything slipping through your fingers like sand – your life, your friends, and your happiness!

Look around you, there is so much love in the world.


There are medicines that claim to cure that feeling. But the only medicine that has never been ineffective and has never shown side-effects is love. At least, that’s the pill I swallowed. A little bit of love with somebody to confide in is what will get you through this dark phase! You’d think you’re bothering people with your constant troubles but venting your feelings to somebody who cares is a remedy beyond any other!

Look around you, there is so much love in the world. There is so much love you can add! There are people around you who care about you more than they would care about themselves. Your friends, your family, your lover!

Your mom didn’t raise a quitter!


If something goes wrong, instead of sitting and letting sadness engulf you, get up and face the problem head on! Your mom didn’t raise a quitter!

And know that it will take time. Even I’m not completely there yet but you will have to believe that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel. You will get through it and you will shine. And then when you feel happiness, you will know how sweet it is because you deserve every shred of it.

Just remember one thing, this pain won’t last forever and that you aren’t alone!


A well-wisher!

Author: Zainab Haji

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