Is your head wrinkled in anxiety or your eyes watery from all the crying? Here’s a little sprinkle of motivation.

I see you sitting there. The sky seems gloomy, your surroundings couldn’t be any more miserable and your day couldn’t be any worse. The people around you either seem so happy that you could easily punch them or too unhappy to even be outside. All in all, it hasn’t been a very good day!

So your lover broke up with you. Your boss fired you. You found out your ex recently started dating someone again. Your white shoes were stamped upon in the crowd. You missed your everyday transport and got late to wherever. You were all dressed up for that occasion and it rained. Your results came out and…! The problems in your family couldn’t get any worse. You fought with the most important person in your life. That deadline is hanging on your head and anxiety is getting the better of you. Basically, anything that has gone wrong to have made you feel like this, is a b**ch!

I know for I’ve been there!


Sometimes, the tiniest thing can tick you off and just in a snap, your mood could go from bad to worse. It can happen to even the best of us. Because sometimes, no matter how calm and composed a person is, your days are never always beautiful sunshine and pretty unicorns. I know for I’ve been there!

But what matters right now is that this is just a day like any other day. It is finite. In a matter of a few hours, this day like so many others, will end. The sun will set on this miserable day and the morning that follows will be as bright as it can be! It will be a beautiful new morning to a beautiful new day with sunshine and chirping birds. Because darling, no matter how bad or good your days are, they have always been followed by the same dark night and the same pale moon.

I know for sure that tomorrow is going to be a better day.


I promise, tomorrow will be a better day and I know for sure because when you wake up, no matter how horrid you feel, I want you to take a look in the mirror. And I don’t mean for you to look at the reflection you see in there. I want you to see what the reflection represents. It represents everything you’ve been through. There were days worse than this and look how you survived. The reflection represents your ability to fight back. The dark circles on your reflection represent your wisdom upon fighting these horrible moments. The reflection represents your existence and everything you stand for! My god, how brave you’ve been!

So, I know for sure that tomorrow is going to be a better day. Hell, even the remainder of this day is going to be a better day because now your belief in something better has overcome this wretched time. And no matter how far away the light seems at the end of this tunnel, you at least know of its existence and if that hasn’t brought a smile to your face, I don’t know what will!



A believer!

Author: Zainab Haji

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