Pause, take a deep breath and observe life around you!

We say life is fast paced and so it is. Everyone is always hurrying to some place or the other. We are either late for work or late to reach home.

We wake up and hurriedly leave for work. Breakfast? What’s that? We run to board our everyday train – the one that we board at exactly the same time every day. The one that if missed, would put us behind our usual schedule and so we run! Once the train is boarded, we run to find a seat. Who would want to stand in the packed train? Once we find a seat, out come the earphones and the same playlist that we listen to each day begins its everyday schedule. The train halts and we run to get off first and find the nearest rickshaw. And then finally we rush the two minute walk to the main building of the office. The same cubicle, the same computer, the same files and the same you! And then the entire journey back home which is hardly any different from the one we began with!

Are we living a life or just leading it?




Take a deep, cleansing breath!

Look around. There is so much happening around you. Breathe in the fresh air on your walk to the station. It smells like what new beginnings smell like, have you noticed? Before you plug in your earphones, listen to the sounds around you. The whistle of the train or the voice of that woman who begs! They are beautiful sounds. Before you furiously start texting, look around. These are the same faces that you see every day but never really noticed. That girl with the beautiful mole on her cheek or that man with the pretty eyes! That girl who carries the heavy display of pouches and key chains also has a child in her hands. She’s strong! Or that old man who sits on the floor near the door – what’s his story? On reaching your office building, wish the lift-man or security guard a good morning. And then when you finally begin working, enjoy every second of it. There are millions who would kill for what you do.

Live your life and begin each day with a smile. For two reasons, first your smile is breathtakingly beautiful and second that this day is a blessing even though you wouldn’t like to accept it!

So, pause!

Take a deep breath!


A fellow worker!

Author: Zainab Haji

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