You know who you are!

Okay, so I understand ‘selfies’ are a big deal. So much so, that even the Oxford English Dictionary deems it an official word. So, the general deal is, you take a picture of yourself and upload it to Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Instagram. Or Tumblr. Or Pocket. Or Gmail? Basically, there are too many damn places to upload one selfie.

Yes, you take too many pictures of yourself. You know who you are and you know you’re guilty *cough* me too *cough* silent high-five to you *cough*.  Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about because your friends, family and acquaintances will agree. They have seen you laughing, crying, pretending to look away, giggling for no reason, showing off your jawline, showing off your hair, showing off your outfit…you get the gist, right? They’ve seen you in every emotion EVER! And not just once!

So, now you have to show people how great you look.


You know when you take one selfie, well, who am I kidding? You know when you take a hundred selfies in just slightly different poses, you finally have that one in which you look glam AF. Your eyebrows are on fleek. Your jawline is sharp. Your hair is perfect. So, now you have to show people how great you look. So you upload it EVERYWHERE. It’s your Facebook and WhatsApp Display Picture. It’s on Snapchat. It’s on Instagram. You know what I mean?

But other humans are fine with seeing the image once. They will probably stop scrolling at your image and think of how great you’ve started looking. They will even tap twice on Instagram. But if they have to see it a hundred times in a hundred different portals, even they will notice a pimple you were strategically trying to hide.

They would actually get disappointed when they saw me in reality.


I know for I’ve been there. On both sides, just to make it clear. It got so bad that people actually started unfollowing me because of TMS (Too Many Selfies) Syndrome. They would actually get disappointed when they saw me in reality because my hair wasn’t perfectly made, my face wasn’t at a 45-degree angle and the sunlight did not bounce off my glowing face. That’s when I had to put my foot down.

So, here I am to help you like I self-helped myself. Put your right hand up, the left on your heart and repeat after me, “a nice selfie a week or two is refreshing but one selfie every other hour over every platform ever is not so cool.”


A Selfie Enthusiast!

Author: Zainab Haji

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