“OH MY GOD! Is she really saying that word out loud in public?”

Yes, I am! I’m talking about S-E-X *dramatic gasps and incoherent loud whispers*. I’m talking about that thing that created you and me. I’m talking about that thing that the world is so secretive about. I’m talking about that thing that the society looks down upon before marriage but forces you to do after! I’m talking about sex.

So it is 2017. They had said it would be futuristically amazing to live in the 21st century. And I can definitely see a steep plunge in technology like the iPhone X and its all-screen device (I mean it’s so original. No one had thought of or done that before *sly laughter*). But you know what still hasn’t developed? Our mindsets!

You stare at me like I’m committing the worst of crimes.


Somehow, we’re still living in a world where humans picked lice off of each other’s hair and rubbed stones to create fire. We’re living in a time where a natural human need is treated as a taboo. And you know why I say this? Because every time I go out to the chemist to buy a couple of condoms *dramatic gasps again. Old auntie theatrically faints in the corner*, you stare at me like I’m committing the worst of crimes. It’s like when someone goes to a restaurant in hunger, humans all over the world gather around to stare, point and whisper.

Sex is almost a basic necessity. It’s a bodily function that you cannot curb. And even if it wasn’t, I will do whatever it is that I please with myself or my life, thank you very much. You should just be glad that I’m not adding on to the herds of humans by using a little protection (well, your parents should have probably taken note! #Burn).

But I feel like maybe I’m asking too much of you.


So whether I’m married or single, sex and its protection are my calls. I’m not asking for applause or standing ovations or anything when I’m at the chemist ordering a packet or two but just a little less staring-till-your-eyes-popped would be great.

But I feel like maybe I’m asking too much of you. When you can’t help but stare at my boyfriend when he’s picking up sanitary napkins for me, how could I expect you to not do this?


A sexually (but not sinfully) active human!

Author: Zainab Haji


  1. Actually the thing is that people after reading this will applaud for whatever you have written but we all know that its somehow considered as the biggest crime.. No one accepts all this in reality.. Its really very very sad.. And the more you and I think about it, say or express, the sattire related to *** will remain a tabboo..
    *sighs* *sighs* *sighs*
    Good luck !!!

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