Have you ever stopped to question why you believe what you believe?

We believe in one religion or another. For us believers, our religion is the eternal reality. Our God is the One. Our principles and morals are flawless. What has been written in our Holy Book is the ultimate truth. If our God says water is fire, it is fire. We don’t question it. We can’t question it! At least that’s what we were taught since we were 3, right?

But have we ever stopped to wonder that there are thousands of such religions in the world all claiming that their religion is the One, that their God is righteous and their heaven is at the highest of all heavens?

One Holy Book says sacrifice the cow and present it to the Lord. The other says worship the cow, it is your Lord. Which one is right?


Thousands of religions, thousands of faiths, thousands of beliefs, thousands claiming to know The Truth!


I’m sure all our religions are The One. But in our want for a secure place in heaven, in our want to please God, we believers have forgotten the first religion – humanity.

We want to please God, someone we haven’t even seen but don’t bother to look twice at an injured body fallen on the road. We want a secure place in heaven but don’t care about those who don’t have a place to live even in this world. We are willing to spend thousands on statues of God and candles and decor but a 10 rupee note given to an unfortunate is a big deal.



Is our God (whichever one you believe in) this shallow? God gives, doesn’t want. God teaches us to love all, not bring out swords and cut throats of His own Creation at the mention of another God’s name.

So, I question myself today, is religion teaching me a way to find God or telling me that it IS the God? And do humanity and religion really have to be antonyms?



A confused believer.



Author: Zainab Haji

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  1. religion is all about to find out who you are and why you are? Realise the real yourself, the soul.
    today on the name of religion people follow the the way, which shown them by others.
    humanity is the flower from the garden of religion.

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