But believe me, I know and acknowledge everything you’ve done for me.

Now I know reading this might make you tear up a little bit. How could your little one say something like this to you? You created me. You fed me. You made me who I am today. After all you’ve done for me, how could I repay you like this? But just for a little bit, put yourselves in my shoes and try to see what I’m about to show you.

In the truest sense, I couldn’t have asked for better guardians. You put me to sleep when I was afraid. You fed me when I was hungry. You fought the demons that haunted my dreams. You stayed up every time I had a fever. No matter how clichéd it sounds, you gave up your adulthood so that I could enjoy my childhood. You gave up your luxuries to fulfill my necessities. I have and always will be thankful for everything, no matter how little, that you’ve done for me.

I’ve learnt to stay away from fire only after I burnt my finger.


But I’ve grown up now. Yes mom, I know I still forget to carry a jacket when it’s cold but in the literal sense, I’ve grown up. I’m not in a bubble anymore so let’s stop pretending like I am fragile. I’ve been through situations that may not seem like a lot to you, but I’ve learnt to stay away from fire only after I burnt my finger. I have had my share of experience and I think I can make my own decisions. But even if they’re wrong in the end, I will have learnt my lesson and it will be my journey to treasure.

Now I know for a long time you have been worried about what I’m going to do in life. Will I take up the ‘professional’ degree and have a mainstream 9 to 5 job or will I do something entirely different? But I am worried, too! I still have no damn idea of what I want to do with my life but I want to figure my path as and when I go. But don’t think I haven’t noticed your strategies.

I know how hard you’ve both tried to sway me in your direction.


I know how Dad always wanted to become an engineer but being the oldest in the family, he had to pick up an easy-paying job. And I know how mom has always dreamt of having at least one of her children to have a ‘Dr.’ in front of their name. And rightly so! Everyone in her kitty party boasts about the ‘success’ of their kids. I know how hard you’ve both tried to sway me in your direction but Ma, Papa; I want to follow my dreams, not yours.

Because this chain will never end! I will follow your dreams and expect my kids to fulfill mine. It’s a vicious cycle, to be honest. So I think it’s best for both worlds that I do what my heart wants me to.

Now I may or may not do something that is traditional. I may not even have a 9 to 5 job. I might do something you’ve never even heard of. I might not even get paid in the initial years. But it will be something that I love doing. It will be something that I will be good at. It will be something that I’ll be happy doing.

Otherwise, I will sit in the scheduled train or bus and think about how I never even got an opportunity. I will sit at my assigned desk and hate you for not letting me do what I do best. And after all you’ve done for me, I will hate to hate you!

And Mom, you never know. I may end up studying for a Ph.D. So one way or another, I may have a ‘Dr.’ before my name.

Hoping that you understand,

Your child who has grown up a little

Author: Zainab Haji



  1. She is right in her perspective it is better to do what she really wants to do and parents have right only to show them a correct path and left over it is upto her and great to hear that she followed his dreams and moved on if your enjoying your profession then salary doesn’t matter how much it is

  2. Thank u so much , after reading this letter i am feeling better 😌 now because of this letter i can easily convence my parents. Thank u 😊

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