I hope you guys are happy now!

It’s been quite some time that he and I parted ways. Although, it seems like only yesterday when he would come to drop me home and kiss me good night.

I came to know about you only recently when my friend came and broke the news to me. Like any other woman, I brought out my phone and furiously searched for you on every social media platform that I could. When finally, Instagram came to my aid!

It was a blank emptiness followed by a kind of acceptance.


Upon scrolling down, I found picture after picture of you with him, smiling, acting goofy or just candid! According to society, I was supposed to hate you. That’s just how we’re conditioned, aren’t we? But I felt too many things to feel anything in particular.

I hated you, I hated myself, I felt sad, I felt angry! I felt too many things at one moment and then I felt nothing at all. It was a blank emptiness followed by a kind of acceptance.

It was the kind of closure that I never really got.

Dear Lover Of My Ex-Boyfriend Paperless Postcards

Seeing pictures of the two of you together, happy, made me accept the fact that he has moved on and I should too. It was the kind of closure that I never really got. I realized that he doesn’t spend every night in bed crying into his pillow. I realized that he hasn’t shut himself completely from the world. I realized that he doesn’t spend hours in the shower, just standing there, feeling numb. Then why was I?

I finally felt nothing and I was glad.

I know it must’ve been easy for you to fall for him. His giggles, his dimples, his smile, the way he ruffles his hair, the way he looks at you when you’re doing the most random things and the way he looks away when you notice. You both probably love each other with your all like he and I once did but I just hope that he doesn’t do to you what he did to me. Even though I believe in Karma and that you get what you give out in the world, I wouldn’t wish such pain on anyone, even on you!

So in closing, just love him and let him take care of you because I know he will. He always does!



Your lover’s ex!

Author: Zainab Haji




  1. This was amazing.i feel the need to tell you that although not each part of this open letters are relatable in all ways but nevertheless it touches somewhere in the corner of many hearts…At somepoint we’ve all been through this and I’m finally glad that I’m not the only one.So hey! Cheers to our good life.You are doing an awesome job Paperless Postcards Make more of this.Love Love!😘

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