They say you throw lemons at people, but I think I’ve made my share of lemonade.

As I was sitting by the window, sipping my evening tea, I stopped to take a good look at you. Lately, things have been good between us, thank you very much. But I have also seen you at your worst.

As I look back today, I notice that you’ve never waited for me. You’ve always run ahead, mocking me as I fell on my face trying to keep up.

A few years ago, finishing college and getting a job was my main focus. But you kept interfering and messing with my plans. I hated you back then. But I didn’t notice how while trying to defeat you; I became this tough, unstoppable person. You are the sole reason I am what I am today and that is unafraid.

By kicking me down, you lifted me up.


I’m not afraid anymore. Those days are past me. Thanks to you, I’ve learnt to face problems head on and challenge every challenge that I would have otherwise considered too difficult.

We’ve had a bittersweet relationship but it has all come down to this day. And I can say one thing for sure, I love you right now.

You haven’t always worked on my word but I think that was for the best. I was a little too selfish anyway. I learnt to not take things for granted and that everything will not go as I always plan. I learnt that sometimes, it is best to leave things to you and that going with the flow is best.

And so, I think what I’m trying to say here is thank you. I want to thank you for what a dear you’ve been to me. By kicking me down, you lifted me up. I love you and I love me, since I’m you and you’re me.


An opportunist!

Author: Zainab Haji

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