Are we really as patriotic as we claim to be on national holidays?

India is celebrating its 68th Republic Day. A proud moment for us Indians, right? We’re all happily sitting in the comfort of our homes talking about patriotism because we probably have an off from work. We aren’t complaining.

Those who still have to work are probably wearing traditional and have a tiny badge of our flag proudly on their chests. Children will march in parades, proudly holding flags and singing patriotic songs.

India will collectively tune in to watch the Republic Day parade and boast about the varied cultures and traditions of the country!


But are we really that patriotic in our daily lives?

How many times have we actually thrown garbage in dustbins and not randomly outside our windows? Did we crib about standing in long queues during demonetization or did we appreciate our Prime Minister’s bold move to put an end to corruption? When we get caught by traffic policemen for breaking a traffic rule, do we pay the legalised fine or get away with a few under-the-table notes? Do women feel safe in our country or do they fear even walking the streets alone?

Do we just stand for the National Anthem when we’re in the movie theatre or anywhere it plays? Do we proudly salute the National Flag when it is hoisted on an important day and then trample it under our feet when it is fallen on the street and not even bother to pick it up? Are we proud to be called Indians after watching patriotic bio-films and then do we complain about India when we go to another country? We say we want to visit cities like Paris and Rome but how many of us have seen the snow-capped mountains in Kashmir and the lush greenery of Tamil Nadu or even the backwaters of Kerala?

We’re Indians and we’re proud. So why not show it to the world and then actually give them something to look up to and take note from!



A fellow Indian



Author: Zainab Haji

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