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As an average 90s kid, for me, television has moved from black and white to Technicolor and then to full-fledged color. It has moved from serials like Malgudi Days to Shaktimaan to Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. So one scale upgraded and the other downgraded. Figure which is which!

There were times when our entire family would sit in front of the television to watch re-runs of Malgudi Days. The familiar title track would play (yes, the one playing in your head right now!). Each episode would teach us something whose morals would later be explained to us by our elders. Good days!

I thought it would be a nice bonding session just like older days.


From those times till now, what has happened? Last night I sat with my mum to watch a daily soap she religiously follows. I thought it would be a nice bonding session just like older days. I couldn’t be more wrong! The show started with a girl who was dressed heavily with full-fledged makeup and proper bridal-wear-type clothes. She spoke a few dialogues and then went to bed. She was dressed that heavily for bed! WHAT?

Anyway, I tried to ignore that and concentrated on the show again. A few minutes later, after some bad-editing and VFX, she turned into a snake. An actual snake!

That’s all Indian television has come down to?


All in all, worst TV watching experience ever. I got up and shut the TV off and angrily screamed at my mother for watching something like this. But she said something which made me think. She said “It was either this show or the one where the main character turns into a housefly”.

That’s all Indian television has come down to? It was all fine till they individually showed every character’s dramatic reaction to the tiniest thing but this has gone too far. All I’m asking for is something that provides good food for thought that entertains and uplifts the audience instead of making them believe in stupid snakes/humans.

Is that too much to ask for?


A viewer.

Author: Zainab Haji

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