And don’t you dare bring your “Green Leafy” friends this time around!

Wait. Am I really writing to you instead of hopelessly craving for you? Did you just manage to leave your permanent residence in my mind and visit my pen and paper? No kidding! Anyway, good job there. At least you won’t drive me bang-my-head-against-the-wall crazy with your thoughts for the next few minutes.

Well, now that you have grabbed hold of attention, I suppose I should let my heart do all the talking. So, what do I address you as? Sir, Madame or just a Friend? It’s so confusing because you come in so many forms and varieties and situations that your role appears pretty ambiguous to me. Nevertheless, I think you are really good when it comes to doing your job.

Just come back into my life!


First things first- I miss you a lot! Why can’t you stay with me forever? I promise I’ll treat you with all the respect you rightly deserve. I will never leave you alone in my plate again. I won’t even fuss over your relatives from the salad family. Broccoli, Carrot, Beetroot- just name them and I’ll love them all as my own (okay, not love, but I’ll accept them). Will you please just come back into my life!

I just can’t stop thinking about you. You are always running at the back of my mind- be it at work, in the hostel, at the gym (especially then), and even in bed. Who am I kidding! Even when I’m doing absolutely nothing, I am constantly thinking of ways to meet up with you! I can never have enough of you during the short meetings that we have once in a while. I remember those good old days when I would come back home after school and you would be waiting with Mom to greet me. What a comfort that was!

You were almost always delicious (sorry Mom!), fresh as a flower and filled with a generous amount of love and butter. Your aroma could have easily brought a dead person back to life. There were times when I used to think that you were too good to be true. What’s more, I would get to have unlimited portions of you, without having to pay a single penny!

Everything is fair in love and hunger.


Come, come. Don’t flatter yourself too much now. I am not trying to ‘butter’ you up. I only miss you because your “Mess” counterparts don’t know how to behave themselves. Their ideas about food standards are pretty messed up. Teach them a thing or two about taste and quality, will you?

Ask them not to underestimate our chewing capabilities. We can very well chew vegetables, if only they’d care to use some. They can save all that water for giving us clean dishes, maybe? And Oh! Please tell them that putting extra butter or giving a second helping of dessert once in a while doesn’t hurt.

Call me back home soon, will you? I am dying to see you. I know you will make me gain a few extra kilos so ideally, I should hate you. But hey! Everything is fair in love and hunger, right? Or is it war? Damn I can’t remember and I am too hungry right now to care. I just know one thing for sure-That I want to continue this love-hate relationship with you till the end of time.

Hoping to revive the old times!

Yours affectionately,

The Unhappy Foodie


Author: Maitreyee K

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