In the land of gurus, being an atheist is my first crime and being rational is the second one.

I shouldn’t have to tell you what you are but it seems you’ve forgotten. You are a self-styled and vastly revered spiritual guru. We are having a lot of issues from the most corrupted of your lot. How do I call you out publicly? To be honest, I’m scared my parents just might wed me off with a starry “perfect” match you find for me. They think you bring harmony and peace to our home. Men like you have existed in this country for years but your newer generation is even more powerful, richer, and even pop iconic. Basically, you just wanted to be a star and now you are. My day isn’t complete unless I hear news about you whether you’re going abroad or a jail.

Can you let me know what’s happening these days? For someone who claims to be a God-like person, you’re really not living up to your word. You keep doing your magic tricks to brainwash people and go on with your criminal activities. When you get arrested, your followers make sure to take up arms against the state. Tell me, are all of you the same?

It is the faith of these people that makes sure you exist in this modern world.



The sentimental people of this country, like my parents will never question your purity because of their superstitious beliefs. After all, you possess healing powers (I know you don’t, you’re not fooling me). You are feared and that makes the faith in you, unshakeable. The people who come from lower castes see you as their messiah in hope that they will be elevated from their positions in the society. It is the faith of these people that makes sure you exist in this modern world.

What else do you do in your free time? You promote all your “good work” while establishing your own cult. Your power knows no bounds, you have made your presence felt in the foreign world too. With words of spiritual sense and talismans, you claim to rid the common folk of their problems.

We have been taught ever since we were children, that God watches us. Well, I am sure God is watching you too.


A few years ago, when one of you was arrested by the Police and charged with murders of five women and a child, six devotees lost their lives and even more were arrested for violence. This year, another baba was held guilty of raping and sexually exploiting two females, by a CBI special court in Panchkula and sentenced for 20 years in prison. At least 32 people have lost their lives in the aftermath and more than 350 people have been injured.

Your exotic meditative yoga poses while perfectly harmonizing “Om” was your legacy. Promoting peace was a part of your legacy. Now, you promise us that our future will be bright and that you will stand by us when we are troubled. These words make me wonder if you were trained by LIC because I heard the exact same speech a week ago while signing for a policy.

We have been taught ever since we were children, that God watches us. Well, I am sure God is watching you too. If you claim to be his child and his messenger, shouldn’t he have taken your preaching and healing privileges by now?

Do not forget that it’s the people of this country who made you invincible. You made them feel like they belonged to something greater (your cult = their family). So, they put you on a pedestal and they can take you down too. They will keep their sisters and daughters and wives away from you. They will stop revering you when they realize the violence they are causing is not worth anything. You need to be cautious if you wish to have a holy future that doesn’t include imprisonment. We don’t care for your miracles, just this much should be enough for your salvation.

Igniting A Change Of Heart In Your Followers,

Your Non-Supporter.


Author: Harnoor Kaur





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