Do you think this relationship was the best thing that happened to you? Come here, darling. Let me tell you what you’ve been missing!

Recently, your nights are spent wetting your pillow. You’ve dramatically stood in the shower and thought about that first kiss. How soft his lips had felt! Oh and remember that first date? How nervously he had giggled! It’s all coming rushing back, right? Well, why wouldn’t it? You’ve made this relationship your life and considered it the best thing that ever happened to you. Well, now that you’ve broken up, let me tell you all the things you’re not going to miss.

Go wild when the club plays ‘Single Ladies’.


Your friends are definitely going to rejoice. Why you ask? Remember all those plans they made and didn’t invite you? It was because the first hundred times that they were in the midst of making plans, you had cancelled or said no even before they had finalized it. Because ‘he’ had said you don’t spend enough time together. Now that you’re free, you can finally join them at their girls’ night out and go wild when the club plays ‘Single Ladies’. Girl, you’ll make Beyoncé proud!

Remember all those hours you spent in the bathroom shaving and waxing every inch of your body? You can finally let your hair loose and strategically shave only your ankles when wearing ankle-length pants or half your legs when wearing a dress. No more pain of bikini waxing every other day!

You’re finally free to do as you please.


And what about spending half your savings on unlimited calling packs because he would get worried if you wouldn’t call him every half hour? I mean, can’t a girl spend 45 minutes having a bath? And the constant struggle of facing judgment when you do a little PDA in public and him thinking you don’t love him anymore when you avoid kissing him when hundreds of people are around!

Well, your relationship probably wasn’t the worst thing that happened to you but you’re finally free from every shackle that held you down. You’re finally free to do as you please. You’re finally free to find yourself. So curl up in bed with your books to cuddle or go celebrate your freedom by going on a date with yourself. And if nothing goes well, grab a couple of your girlfriends and treat yourself to some binge-shopping!

Someone who is cheering you on!

Another girlfriend!

Author: Zainab Haji

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