Does it feel like you’re trapped in a tunnel and there’s no light at the other end?

Does it feel like someone’s forcing your face into a barrel of cold water and you want to come up for air but can’t?

Does it feel like someone’s standing on your chest, heavily and you can’t breathe?

Does it feel like you’ve cried so much that your body might not have any more tears left?

Well, welcome to the club! We’ve all been there.

Dear lover who broke my heart 1.jpeg

So that boy recently broke your heart and you know you had tried your best to save the relationship. But let me tell you something; sometimes a single anchor cannot save a ship from sailing away. Lives end and love fades and you’re left there, in bed, crying into your pillow till your eyes swell.

But let me tell you, this is not the end no matter how much it may feel otherwise. You’ll get over this. I know you will. You’d think, how would I know? But believe me, I know. Because not long ago, I was in your place.

Not long ago, I had cried till my eyes looked bloodshot. Not long ago, I was thinking of any possible abuse I could come up with and call him endless names. Not long ago, I had asked myself why? Was I not pretty enough for him? Was I not thin enough? Was it my appearance? Every insecurity I ever had seemed to be laughing at me.

You will find light at the end of the tunnel.


But then I looked into the mirror and didn’t just see my physical appearance. I saw my soul and realized how beautiful I am! I realized that one less person to love me doesn’t mean the end of the world.

And so I’m writing this to you. I promise you’ll find love, too. No, not a Prince Charming on his white horse. You’ll find love within yourself and you’ll realize how stupid you’ve been to cry for so long. You’ll realize how beautiful you are. You will find light at the end of the tunnel.

It will take long, sure. But you will! And when you do, maybe someday, you’ll find someone better!



Just another heartbroken girl.

Author: Zainab Haji


  1. I am facing this situation right now…And yes it’s worst…But I did my best ,isis things over y capacity…But still he just left..Without living any reason… It’s a worst feeling but..I know he lost…I can love truly,I can protect … so I am not a handicapped soul… And most special thing…I am the best…This attitude is giving me strength. ..To be alive…

  2. He left me so easily. I wanted to marry him but he didn’t want to. He said his giant family will not accept our marriage because he belongs to the upper cast. I often ask myself this question, why did he spend 5 years with me? Why did he give me so much happiness? This is feels like a dying situation. But one day…I’ll be ‘happy’.
    Someone who is still hoping,

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