You’ve pushed me into this pit called the ‘friend-zone’ and you don’t even realize it!

It was not until recently that I really understood what the term even meant. Every time I spoke about you, my friends would look at each other, point at me and laugh until their eyes watered. That’s what I had become. A joke! And somehow I never understood why.

Then it hit me like a truck. I realized I was friend-zoned and I realized what it meant. Do you remember the times you put your head on my shoulder and cried about how your boyfriend was a complete a**hole? Do you remember the times you made plans with me but cancelled when I was ready and waiting under your building? Do you remember how you called me to ‘hang-out’ because you had time to kill and I said yes no matter what plans I had? Do you remember how I saw endless guys walk in and out of your life and how you cribbed about them to me? How you told me that maybe you were choosing all the wrong guys?

I was the right guy.


You know what? I was the right guy. But because of all those things I did, I was pushed into that dark pit called the ‘friend-zone’. I’m not saying this because I think no end of myself or because I am the perfect guy. I’m saying this because I know how badly those other guys treated you and how you really deserve to be treated.

People call me a pathetic loser.

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But you know what, I cannot control this feeling. It’s not like I haven’t tried getting out of it. God knows I have! But I cannot fight the urge to not be around you. People call me a pathetic loser and all other sorts of names. But they don’t understand that I’m just an honest guy in love. But this needed to end sometime!

So I know that you value our ‘friendship’ or whatever but I’m not going to be at your disposal anymore. Because to be honest, if I’ve lost anything, it’s somebody who never valued me but you lost someone who loved you with their all.

So, that my friend, is closure!


Love (not really),

Your ‘Friend’!

Author: Zainab Haji

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