Behind every successful woman is her girl gang with their unconditional support.

I have reached a point in life where I am no longer afraid of breaking up with any guy I’m currently dating. Sure, it hurts and I end up crying for a few days. I also feel completely miserable. But every time some guy dares to hurt me in any way, I have my very own group of fierce warriors thirsty for taking revenge. You girls are a bit too much at times, you know. But that is exactly why I love you so.

Whenever any of us are going through a hard time, the rest of us turn up at our sad homie’s doorstep with an enormous tub of ice cream (and cake or french fries), warm hugs and endless support. Within no time, the tears are wiped and we are all back to gossiping and laughing loudly like wild animals. Whenever I am sad, you are the ones who shower me with so much love that no problem seems too difficult to handle. With a support system like that in place, what else does a girl need?

You are the straps to my bra.

girl gang

But that just makes me realise how necessary you are for my very survival! I mean, how else would I have managed to cope with all the bullying when I first joined college? Without you in my life, my self-esteem would be in tatters and the whole concept of self-worth would be unknown to me. You have taught me to love myself again and again. And the times when I failed to do so for whatever reason, then you have loved me enough to make up for it. You are the ones who take turns at yelling at me when I let someone treat me in a horrible way.

And that’s not all that you’ve taught me. You girls can play so many different roles. You can be agony aunts who give excellent relationship and life advice. You can be the source of endless bear hugs. You are also the source of every scrap of knowledge I have on sex. From therapists to entertainment (especially when drunk, you’re hilarious!), you’ve done it all. You are the straps to my bra. You are all my sisters from another mother (doesn’t sound as cool as brother from another mother but who cares?)

A wise woman once rightly said, “Girl love is the best love!”

girl gang 2

Do you have any idea how wonderful you all are? I hope you do because otherwise we are going to need to do another self-love boosting session together! You are all such smart, kind, talented and warm women. You have the strength to be able to love so many people so deeply. It’s not that common. You’re all so precious and you love me! A wise woman once rightly said, “Girl love is the best love!”

Every time I look at any of us, I feel so proud. I have seen you become brave women from shy little girls. You are an inspiration to me. With your compassion and your fierceness, you are all going to change the world for the better in some way or the other. We all are, actually, and we are going to do it together.

Whenever I see the world in complete chaos and it all seems hopeless, I think of my girl gang and I instantly feel better. With you around, the world is better. Your existence gives me hope.

With a warm hug and infinite support,

Your girlfriend!

Author: Maitreyee Mhatre


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