Despite looking everywhere, I am yet to find someone as wonderful as you.

I don’t want to be called a man-hater but no man really compares with you. You are so perfect that every time I look at you, I realise I love you so much. You are everything I want in a partner. You are kind, compassionate and you can make me laugh through my tears. The mere mention of Severus Snape makes you rant for the next few hours and you make the world’s best spaghetti and meatballs. What more could a girl want?

If we could somehow start going out as a couple, we would be invincible and unbreakable. But alas, neither one of us lean that way and even if we did, section 377 would stand in our way along with our parents, extended families and the whole society. Since, us being a couple is not an option, I guess I will settle for the next best thing. Since I can’t have you, I wish I end up spending the rest of my life with a male version of you.

I cannot imagine being with someone who does not have a similar kind of passion.


There is nothing I dislike about you but the man I wish to end up with should have some of your specific qualities. Your passion for the culinary arts is something I love the best about you. When you enter the kitchen, you evolve from the goofy 20-year old I know to an artist. I cannot wholly understand your connection with food but it is fascinating to see you lose yourself in the act of creation. I cannot imagine being with someone who does not have a similar kind of passion. It could perhaps be towards photography or writing or theatre or science but passion is an absolute must.

Do you know why we would work as a couple? We are both the exact same kind of crazy. I mean, both of us like pineapple on pizza. We are a rare breed and my man should be a person who appreciates the sweet flavour of cooked pineapple offset by the spice of jalapeños on a doughy base. He should be just as much of a feminist as you. I won’t be able to live with a sexist person who would treat me as someone weak and delicate. It would be nice if the guy had some idea about make-up and contouring. You know I will always need help with that. Most importantly, he has to love the Harry Potter series just as much as we do. Imagine me being with someone who does not get the billion Harry Potter references and jokes I make in a day. It’ll be such a pity!

 Somehow, even if a guy has all the same qualities and preferences as you, it still won’t be you.



But look at me, I am making up my own fairytale. What are the odds of it coming true? It is highly unlikely that I will come across another version of you because you are unique. Somehow, even if a guy has all the same qualities and preferences as you, it still won’t be you. He will be a different person altogether. This is inevitable. At least, hopefully he won’t drive me crazy with the incessant talk of Justin Bieber or make me wait for an hour every time we meet. I will also make sure that I fall in love with someone who is not a morning person. I hate mornings and it’s so weird how much you like them.

I might not end up with someone who is you with a moustache but so long as he is kind and warm like you, we might still get our happy ending. If the man has a huge heart with a spectacular sense of humour like yours, I will still be happy. Even if he is not you, as long as he is a good human being who cares about me, I will love him.


With lots of love,

A secret admirer.


Author: Maitreyee Mhatre


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