If you thought this was another letter full of cutesy wishes, you couldn’t be more wrong!

I’m going to tell you things that most are hesitant to write about. Things that even I would not want to accept for the most time.

I’m not easy to deal with. I’ve tried giving my all to a person and have been hurt in the process. I’ve even taken people for granted which hurt even more. And that’s why in my attempt to maintain the balance, I tend to be a little difficult to deal with. But you know, it’ called ‘life partners’ for a reason. Stay with me and I promise to love you with my all even though I might not always show it.

There may be times when both of us get stuck at work and are tired to death when we get back. On such days we could probably order a pizza and call it a night. There will be days when I mix up sugar for salt. I know there will be (I apologise in advance). But darling, I’m only human. We could maybe laugh about it and I’ll be more than obliged to fix the error.


I want to create memories with you.

We are equals and I want you to always remember that. So when we’re out and I reach for the bill, allow me. If and when we have kids, we could share responsibilities and take turns wiping their poo (I love you more already).

I have dreams. I want to achieve great things in life. But I want you to be walking that path of success with me. I want you to be there for me, probably with a contented smile on your face.

I want to create memories with you. And then when we’re old and frail, sitting by the window talking about life, we’ll laugh about those times together.

And so, if I ever find you, do know that I will challenge you. I will inspire you. I will grow and change with you. But most of all, I will love you more than anyone ever has and anyone ever will!

Your future wife!



Author: Zainab Haji

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