It’s true what they say; friends are the family you get to choose!

I’ve been thinking about all the moments we’ve spent together and I couldn’t help but smile.

Those lazy sleepovers where we would fight about who will make the Maggi! Then when one of us would give up and finally make it, we’d fight about who ate the most and then about who gets to lick the bowl clean. Because let’s face it, that was the best part about the two-minute noodles.

You have seen my ugly morning face and (laughed at it but) didn’t judge me.


Those late night drives where all of us would cram into one car which was obviously taken without the knowledge of our parents! We would play ridiculous songs which we are otherwise too sophisticated to sing. And we’d know each and every word of the lyrics! Well, even if we didn’t we’d sing the wrong lyrics with all our might!

Till date, you guys are the only ones who know about that accident that I had. The one where I banged my vehicle and then hurriedly called you for help! How we had fixed the damaged parts! My parents still don’t know about it.

You guys have made my life worth living!


There are days when I’m feeling extremely low and you guys lift my spirits just by tagging me in a random meme.

You have seen my ugly morning face and (laughed at it but) didn’t judge me. You have seen me in my ugliest form and helped me look my best. You guys have been there when I sent screenshots of my chat with my crush and asked ‘what do I say next?’ You guys have made my life worth living!

When I’m old and my grandchildren come asking me for stories, I’ll tell them tales of our undying friendship and things that we had done in our youth. Although, I will leave out the explicit content!


Your friend!

Author: Zainab Haji

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