You’re a pain but you’re my favourite pain!

I know you’ll tease me and make fun of me after reading this letter. You will tell me that I’m a sensitive and emotional girl. But after spending all these years with you, I know that deep down you will want to keep this letter safe.

You were the first friend I ever had and ironically, even the first archenemy. I loved you and hated you at the same time. We would call each other names, throw things, fight until we got bruises and break each other’s things. But we were still inseparable and couldn’t stand even a minute away from each other. From fighting for the best seat in the car till planning and coordinating pranks on mom and dad, we’ve made our parents’ hair turn gray a little too quickly (or fall out all together in dad’s case). We have a ton of inside jokes which if an outsider hears he’ll think we’re pretty retarded.

I always knew that if a guy ever broke my heart, you’d break his face!


I tend to be a little stupid sometimes and that’s when you come in the picture. While cracking jokes and making fun of me, you would subtly tell me what needs to be done. You’ve inspired me in more ways than I can state and I am what I am because of you. You always protected me, sometimes even unknowingly and I always knew that if a guy ever broke my heart, you’d break his face!

Even though I hated you and the fact that you would call me a kid, I’m grateful to have you keep watch over me.

And thanks to all the physical fights we’ve had, I’ve never really felt the need to learn self-defense. I’m pretty good at attacking too (refer to all the scratch marks you have on your arms and face).

Finally, I’d like to tell you that I love you more than I’d like to accept and I can’t possibly imagine my life without you!


Your Little Sister.

Author: Zainab Haji

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