You make me feel like I’ve never felt lonely before!

I vividly remember how I disliked the fact that you were my birthday present. I didn’t talk to mom for six hours because of the same reason. Mom told me that you will never leave me but I didn’t believe her that time. She was right. All my friends left me when they came to know about my mental illness but you still loved me the same and I can’t thank you enough.

My life wouldn’t have been half as good as it is, without you. There were times when there was nothing I looked forward to than walking into the house from school waiting for you to greet me. You were always excited to see me when no one else was. Thank you for playing with me when no one else did!

You always knew when I was upset and never failed to make me feel better. Whenever I’d sit in foul mood, you would curl up next to me or encourage me to play with you. You exactly knew how to get me out of a mood and it worked most of the times.

Thank you for filling a void in my heart I never knew existed.


Thank you for always making me laugh even in the bleakest moments. It was almost as if you had a sense of humor of your own. I can always count on you to goof around or entertain me by simply running around in grass.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally. There were days when self-doubt kicked in and I’d feel that I wasn’t good enough. You’d always radiate joy incredibly by giving me kisses and getting slobber all over my face despite it all. Thank you for filling a void in my heart I never knew existed. I wish you could read this letter all by yourself to truly know that you are my world!

As an introvert, I was more comfortable when I was alone, shutting myself away from the world, to avoid idle conversations. But going on walks with you has completely changed that. You are my ice breaker whenever I meet new people. “Hey, your dog is really cute!” Enough said.

You’ve not only been a friend but also a teacher. There were times when I took myself too seriously and sat to complete my assignments, glued to the computer for hours endlessly. But you constantly reminded me about the little things that were slightly more important than that, by convincing me to go for a walk with you. You have always taught me that this moment is all there is.

In a world where everyone speaks, you listen!


You have always been there through thick and thin. By licking tears off my face whenever I would cry or let me complain to you without ever saying anything back. In a world where everyone just speaks, you listen.

At times, the world seemed like a nasty place to live in. Most of my friends would speak to me only when they needed something from me but you were always there, even in the darkest of times when I had nothing to offer to you.

Thank you for everything, little nugget. I love you. No matter how old you become, you will always be my baby.



Your Best friend!

Author: Simran Brijwani


  1. This is so beautifully addressed and it just explains what a dog lover is thinking when they’re having fun with the dog!
    All the credit goes to the writer

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