I’m pretty sure you already know this letter is for you!

I’m comfortable with telling a hundred people what I feel than telling you one-on-one. Yes, I’m a little dorky when I’m around you and that’s why I’m writing this open letter to you.

Most times, I’m not the usual ‘girly’ sort of person but it’s like I have a dual personality when you’re around. I act goofy which I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed. I can’t stop giggling even if you’re doing nothing and just sitting quietly. I smile ear-to-ear looking at you and sometimes just thinking about you. So much so, that my jaws start aching by the end of the day. Sometimes I wonder that maybe you think I’m some kind of deranged human who smiles ALL THE TIME.


My heart literally skips a beat and then comes the wide, all-teeth-bared smile.

My friends avoid me because I cannot stop talking about you. Anything they say, I make some connection with you and then start blabbering for a straight hour about how your hands are beautiful and how you have a little mole near your ear (yes, I’ve noticed everything about you…I’m sorry). And how I’ve made a mental list of the people I will call at our wedding (wait, what? No I haven’t done that.)

I know this will sound cliché but forget butterflies, I get the entire damned zoo in my stomach every time I see you. My heart literally skips a beat and then comes the wide, all-teeth-bared smile. I get extremely nervous around you and don’t talk at all or literally just say random words that make no sense. There is no middle ground!

Anyway, I like you and will probably continue being awkward around you till I leave this world because hey! That’s what crushes make people do!


Your future girlfriend? Probably!

PS. I’m sorry about that time you looked at me and smiled and I spit out the drink in my mouth in a feeble attempt to smile back. I really am!

Author: Zainab Haji

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